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How a DUI impacts car insurance rates

| Mar 6, 2020 | Firm News

If you’ve been convicted of a DUI in Montana, expect your insurance premiums to increase by about $500 per year. On average, you would pay $1,614 per year prior to getting a DUI and about $2,100 annually after being stopped for driving while impaired.

Drunk or impaired driving is a serious offense

To an insurance company, a drunk driving conviction is more serious than causing an accident. It is also considered more serious than other offenses such as racing, reckless driving or being charged with a moving violation.

Comparison shopping can help save money

It’s important to note that the insurance providers themselves will determine how much to charge you if there’s a DUI on your record. For instance, Liberty Mutual will charge an average of $868 to provide auto coverage to those who have been convicted of drunk driving. Progressive charges an average of $4,718 to insure a driver who has been caught driving while drunk or impaired.

There is no discount DUI insurance provider

If you only need liability coverage, it may be possible to purchase a policy through a discount provider. A discount provider might also work with you if you had an accident, have poor credit or otherwise can’t get insurance through a more mainstream insurance company. However, there is generally no such thing as a discount policy aimed at those who have been convicted of a DUI.

Being charged with drunk or impaired driving could lead to a variety of negative consequences if you’re convicted. One of these consequences may be paying higher insurance rates. An attorney could help you obtain an acquittal or negotiate a plea deal in your DUI case, allowing you to avoid some or all potential penalties.